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FTDI confirms Yosun as distribution partner

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Yosun, one of Asia’s largest electronics distribution operations, will represent FTDI forthwith in Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. This new distribution partnership will give engineering and procurement staff in these countries better access to FTDI’s chips, cables, development modules and supporting software, for quick and cost effective implementation of USB-enabled embedded systems. “USB connectivity has now become a foundation of embedded system development and FTDI is establishing itself as the silicon manufacturer of choice within this space. To ensure that we have highly efficient sales channels in place across the globe, we have endeavoured to work with each region’s top distributors,” states Fred Dart, Managing Director of FTDI. “Yosun has a strong reputation for serving the South East Asian design community and we are confident that its highly motivated and professional workforce will be successful in unlocking the full potential for FTDI’s products here.”

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