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Toshiba Electronics rolls out new photocouplers

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Offering a minimum isolation rating of up to 3750Vrms, the TLP2468 and TLP2168 are supplied in a miniature SO8 package and offer single- and dual-channel outputs respectively. Both are ideal for high-speed communication interfaces in applications such as factory automation equipment, measurement instruments and plasma display panels (PDPs). The TLP2168 will be particularly suitable for circuits where board space is at a premium. The new couplers are built around GaAlAs LEDs that are optically coupled to integrated, high-gain, high-speed photodetectors. Both offer very high input-to-output noise resistance and incorporate an internal Faraday shield, which ensures a guaranteed, minimum common mode transient immunity of ±15kV/µs. Operating across a wide supply voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V, the TLP2468 and TLP2168 offer feature open collector, inverter logic outputs recommended to deliver a maximum output current of 14mA per channel.

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