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The SSD Performance Test: 60GB KingFast is testing winner

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The categories of tested SSDs include SATA2 with 60GB and 100GB storage and latest SATA3 with over 100GB storage, which are for different members’ references.At present, most of desktop and laptop computers are only compatible with SATA2, so the 60GB SSD, whose price ranges from $100 to $150, is a perfect choice for the consumers who want to improve computer performance with lower budget. Moreover, the cheapest SSD in this Test has exceeded traditional HDDs in read-in performance.The Best SSD of SATA2 60GB MLCConsidering the factors of integrated efficiency, specification and price, KingFast KF2501MCF is the testing winner. The following ones in overall ranking are also recommendable:Richmax/ SUPERSSPEED Seraphim MLC 60GBApacer Turbo AS602PATRIOT INFERNO PI60GS25SSDIntel SSDSA2CW080G3 (320 Series 80GB)Strontium SRSSDGM-25The Best SSD of SATA2 60GB SLCMX MXSSD2SDS-60G(SLC)The Best cost-performance SSD of SATA2 60GBRichmax/ SUPERSSPEED Seraphim MLC 60GB© DRAMeXchange

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