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Combined Tablet & E-reader semi opportunity to approach USD 16bn in 2015

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While the tablet market’s growth has had some impact on expected e-reader shipments worldwide, the two devices are inherently different. Each device segment targets a different type of consumer. Standalone e-readers target avid readers to whom the reading experience is central, while tablets are targeted towards those consumers who prefer a richer multimedia consumption experience. New research by In-Stat is forecasting that the combined semiconductor opportunity for tablets and e-readers will approach USD 16 billion by 2015.”There is a continued revenue opportunity for e-reader OEMs over the next five years, especially as price points drop to extremely affordable levels,” says Stephanie Ethier, Senior Analyst. “For tablets, market drivers such as new market entrants, increasing tablet application availability, and declining prices, will have a profound impact. These factors will fuel unit shipment growth to over 720% over the forecast period.” Additional market and survey data findings include:- In 2012, over 15 million e-readers will ship in the US.- Over 60% of future tablet purchasers plan to buy a tablet equipped with both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity- By 2015, 15% of all tablet shipments are expected to go into business markets.

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