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Molex secures Samtec as second-source supplier

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“We are pleased to reach agreement with Samtec to provide OEM manufacturers a reliable new supplier with expertise in established and niche connector markets,” said Ken Stead, Product Manager. “Recognized for superior industry capabilities, Samtec is well positioned to partner in multi-source marketing and expanding the total available market for these innovative Molex solutions.””Samtec is excited to enter into a licensing agreement to bring customers proven patented solutions from Molex. As innovators in the electronics marketplace, our joint efforts will reach existing and new markets with these leading edge connector technologies,” concurs Doug Wathen, Product Marketing Development Manager, Samtec, Inc.Samtec’s new offerings will replicate Molex EXTreme LPHPower, Edgeline and EXTreme Ten60Power products. The two companies plan to jointly conduct cross testing and safety agency (UL, CAT) approval.

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