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PDSi enters OEM agreement with IBM

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John D. Bair, PDSi’s Chairman of the Board, President and CEO, stated, “PDSi’s exceptional engineering and operational capabilities complement IBM’s product and technology offerings. This agreement provides PDSi access to IBM’s market leading technologies that can be leveraged across all three of our targeted market segments. For Embedded Computing, with an estimated market size of $5 billion, we are working on developing NEBS certified products for the telecommunications (telco) industry, as well as products designed for other applications. This also broadens the technology platforms we can offer in the more than $100 billion Integrated / ODM Computing Solutions segment as we design and build custom solutions for customers in the telco, medical, and other industries with specialized requirements such as ruggedization. In the Electronic Repair Services Segment, this opens up access to whole new markets seeking to extend the life-cycle of IBM-based technologies.”Timothy J. Harper, PDSi’s Chief Operating Officer, added, “We have substantially grown our Service business over the past year, and our current focus is on driving profitable growth in our Products business. This agreement is a key strategic milestone positioning PDSi for growth. This agreement not only adds to our capability in developing leading technology product offerings, but also opens up new routes to market leveraging IBM’s extensive business development resources.”

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