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Telechips relies on INSIDE Secure

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Telechips will add INSIDE DRM Fusion(TM) Agent solutions for HDCP and DTCP-IP and the SafeZone(TM) secure platform into its new TCC89XX multimedia application processors to help ensure secure boot up and end-to-end content protection.“The integration of INSIDE secure-boot and HDCP/DTCP-IP protection solutions eliminates the need for add-on security software and greatly enhances the many built-in features and benefits of our newest family of set-top box processors, and enables Telechips to provide trustworthy security solutions for carriers,” said Jangkyu Lee, vice president of marketing and sales at Telechips. “INSIDE was able to step up quickly and provide exactly what we needed to support in-home digital content protection for high-value and premium content through HDCP and DTCP-IP technologies.”

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