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Stern and Texim Europe partner up to distribute in Europe

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Stern manufactures piezo based products designed for industrial control panels such as keypads and keyboards as well as industrial switches that are needed in severe environments. As a piezo manufacturer with industrial needs in mind, Stern’s products are durable and long lasting. The company is guided by the need of its Piezo products to be water, weather and vandal proof in order to fit in outdoor projects. “Stern’s portfolio breathes quality and ruggedness, which are aspects our customers often require for their professional products”, says Rob Lammerts van Bueren, Business Development Manager for Switch products at Texim Europe. “Also the design of the products looks fantastic which can greatly enhance the look and feel of any electronic equipment. The customization possibilities are endless which will help end products to stand out from the crowd creating an additional competitive edge for our customers“. As a Technology Solutions supplier in Man-Machine interface applications Texim Europe delivers a portfolio in Switch/ Touch devices often combined with Display and Embedded computing products. Stern’s Piezo based products are a fully complementary and welcome addition to the current range of touch products. “With Texim Europe we have added a knowledgeable and enthusiastic partner to further develop the market for our piezo technology products,” says Giora Flohr, Business Development Manager at Stern Engineering. “The Texim team is very experienced and focused on finding successful solutions for their customers. Texim Europe’s product and design oriented website is the ideal place to easily find & compare Stern’s range of products. On top of that Texim has the knowledge and experience to arrange customization of Stern products if required by the customer.”

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