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Avnet Embedded announce distribution deal with Locosys Technology

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Locosys Technology, a research and development focused company, providing design capabilities and technical expertise in developing GPS products and modules.Based on the agreement, Avnet Embedded will now be able to offer the Locosys portfolio of GPS related end-products on a pan-European level to its customers.Alastair Worth, Marketing Director Wireless at Avnet Embedded comments, “GPS has ’just worked’ for a number of years now, and the market has moved on from vendor selection based on hours of drive testing and analysis. With the addition of this range of GPS products from Locosys, positional accuracy and reliability is a given, and we can focus our efforts on helping customers optimise their designs from a cost, size and functionality perspective. Whether you need the smallest size GPS receiver in the market, GPS with a built in compass and G force sensor, the lowest cost receiver to utilise the power of your host system, a smart antenna or a combined GPS and Glonass receiver, we now have the right solution for your needs.”

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