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Infineon expands XMC4000 Microcontroller family

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The new XMC4400, XMC4200 and XMC4100 are the world’s first Cortex-based microcontrollers to offer a high-resolution PWM unit. With a PWM resolution of just 150ps, they are especially suitable for digital power conversion in inverters as well as switching and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). Other applications are to be found in IO units in automation, user interfaces (HMI) and logging and control systems. “With the XMC4400, XMC4200 and XMC4100, Infineon is expanding the scalability of the XMC4000 portfolio with further price and performance classes,” says Dr. Stephan Zizala, Senior Director, Industrial und Multimarket Microcontrollers at Infineon Technologies AG. “The new series combines all the strengths of the XMC4000 family with a high-resolution PWM unit, which is unique in the Cortex world. The result is a control quality comparable to the precision of analog solutions.” The new XMC4400, XMC4200 and XMC4100 series microcontrollers are part of the Infineon roadmap to serve a broad range of industrial applications with the XMC4000 family. Like the XMC4500 MCUs, the XMC4400, XMC4200 and XMC4100 series offer powerful application-optimized peripherals, fast and robust embedded Flash technology, an extended temperature range of -40°C to 125°C, high quality standards and tools for automatic code generation in the DAVE 3 development environment. Availability of XMC4400, XMC4200, XMC4100 and development kits Samples of all three series – XMC4400, XMC4200 and XMC4100 – are available. High-volume production is scheduled to start at the end of the second quarter in 2013. The XMC4400 series (in LQFP-100 or LQFP-64 package) has a clock frequency of 120MHz and Flash memory of up to 512KB.The XMC4200 and XMC4100 series (both LQFP-64 or VQFN-48) operate at 80MHz. The XMC4200 has a Flash memory of up to 256KB and the XMC4100 of up to 128KB. Hexagon development kits are available for all series.

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