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Renesas in Meters & More Association

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The Association maintains and promotes the Meters and More powerline communications protocol, enabling bi-directional data transfer in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) systems. Meters and More is a new generation protocol, leveraging the not-for-profit association founders Enel and Endesa’s experience in AMI. Its aim is to provide the energy industry with a proven open protocol for smart metering, in line with the European Commission’s Mandate 441 to achieve standardisation across Europe.Membership of the Association is another key milestone for Renesas, both extending its solution capability as a supplier to the energy industry, and providing a platform for the further adoption of Meters and More. This will be based on Renesas’ experience in providing software-configurable powerline solutions featuring unparalleled low power consumption, robustness, low BOM cost and small PCB profile based on high levels of integration.Christos Aslanidis, Product Marketing Manager for Powerline Communications at Renesas, said, “We are pleased to see that open standards such as Meters & More are gaining increasing traction in the European market place, enabling the smart society. We’re also pleased to have the opportunity to help increase that traction with Renesas’ leading edge technologies and solutions.”

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