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Microchip expands mTouch Sensing portfolio

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The MTCH6301 is a turnkey projected-capacitive touch controller combining Self and Mutual capacitive scanning for XY touchscreens and touchpads. It supports sensor designs with up to 13 x 18 channels and cover lenses up to 5 mm. The MTCH101 and MTCH112 are turnkey controllers in small packages that provide an easy way to add robust proximity detection with a range of up to 8 inches. Additionally, these controllers maximise battery life with power consumption as low as 5 microamps. The MTCH101/112 also provide advanced noise avoidance and cancelling technology, and can operate standalone or connected to any microcontroller via I2C.The MTCH810 is the first in a family of controllers based on Microchip’s license of Immersion’s TouchSense haptic feedback technology. This controller enables the easy addition of haptic tactile feedback to any capacitive-touch button or slider interface. It integrates a single-channel haptic driver output with an industry-standard I2C slave interface that connects to any MCU, all in a small, 8-pin package.The MTCH6301 projected-capacitive controller is available in 44-pin QFN and TQFP packages; the MTCH101 is offered in a 6-pin, SOT-23 package; the MTCH112 is packaged in the 8-pin SOIC and DFN. and the MTCH810 haptic-feedback controller is available in a 3×3 mm, 8-pin DFN package.All four of these controllers are available today for sampling, and volume production is expected in December.

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