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Texim Europe distributes Inventek Systems

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“Texim-Europe’s world-class sales and engineering expertise give us an important sales channel for servicing the European marketplace at a critical stage of our growth. Their focus on embedded systems and wireless communication is a perfect match for our product lines. With the rapidly expanding demand for embedded Wi-Fi and GPS solutions, we look forward to jointly supporting and expanding our penetration into the European market with the Texim-Europe team”, said Martin Tierney, Chief Executive Officer for Inventek Systems.”Texim-Europe is focused on providing connectivity services and solutions for the rapidly growing M2M/IoT systems market. Inventek Systems provides our customer base with a fast and easy way to embed WiFi connectivity and GPS capability into their products using leading edge technology from Broadcom and CSR/SiRF”, said Helmoed Gasthuis, Sales and Marketing Manager for Texim-Europe.

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