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ST-Ericsson R&D staff in Linköping transfer to Cybercom

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The agreement foresees the transfer of 27 employees from ST-Ericsson to Cybercom.”The agreement with Cybercom allows us to continue to progress on the site and resources strategy we announced in April” said Carlo Ferro, Chief Operating Officer of ST-Ericsson. “At the same time, it ensures continuity for both the employment of our highly competent colleagues in Linköping and their contribution to a strong technology cluster in the region. We wish them all the best in contributing to Cybercom’s success”.”This agreement is twice positive for Cybercom. We can secure interesting new business for the next three quarters, and we’ll gain experienced and valuable new colleagues who will substantially strengthen our Linköping operations, which is one of our most profitable and growing sites,” said Niklas Flyborg, president and CEO, Cybercom. “This agreement helps us meet the demand from our other key clients in the region and we can already start planning the assignment of new projects.”During the last two years, the Cybercom Linköping operations have grown sales 50 percent. The operations include 75 consultants with offering connectivity engineering and security services to clients mainly in the industry segment in the region.

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