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Countdown for SEMICON Europa 2012

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SEMICON Europa focuses on the manufacturers and suppliers of technologies, machines, equipment, components, materials and services for semiconductor production, microelectronics, microsystems technology as well as their customers and numerous research and development companies. The Plastic Electronics Exhibition and Conference will take place in parallel – a Europe-wide leading trade fair for organic, flexible and large-area electronics.The motto of SEMICON Europa 2012 is: “Building on the Strength of Europe”. It aims to underline the economic and innovative power of the semiconductor industry in Europe. As the key industry for all other high-tech areas, the semiconductor industry is therefore a steady indicator for Europe’s economic power. In addition, reliable future forecasts can be derived from the utilisation and order data.Currently, the semiconductor industry is presenting itself surprisingly robust against the background of crisis-ridden regions. Worldwide growth for semiconductors is estimated at three to five percent for the upcoming year.Heinz Kundert, President of SEMI Europe, the industry association of supply chains for the nano- and microelectronics industry and host of both trade fairs, is optimistic: “Despite some location-related problems like higher energy costs, the location of Europe is generally competitive. Today, an engineer in China or Taiwan costs just as much as in Europe and the industry has become more capital-intensive. We can partly compensate for disadvantages by showing a high innovation rate and efficiency.”The disadvantages are mainly due to the varying subsidisation of the semiconductor industry when compared globally. Above all the state subsidies in Asia regularly distort competition, Mr. Kundert adds.SEMI Europe President Heinz Kundert sees future potential in the European KET strategy (Key Enabling Technologies). He supports the focused promotion of those sectors where the largest leverage can be achieved. “KET covers six different fields: micro- and nanoelectronics, nanotechnology and biotechnology, photonics and material science. The European KET strategy comprises the support of technological research, product demonstration and competitive production. In total, approx. EUR 6.6 billion is scheduled for the KET programmes. Thereof, approximately EUR 1.6 billion accounts for the field of micro and nanoelectronics as well as photonics for a period of five years.”With the Plastic Electronics Exhibition and Conference that is taking place in parallel, another innovative and trailblazing industrial branch is presenting itself to the public. The research and production of organic or printed electronics, OLED displays and organic solar substrates is seen as a development and growth market. In the field of OLAE – Organic and Large Area Electronics, industry experts are expecting worldwide sales of up to USD 20 billion by 2020.At the trade fair it becomes quite clear how the semiconductor and OLEA segments share basic technologies, industrial manufacturing equipment, materials and services. According to Heinz Kundert, both industries will be able to benefit even more from this correlation.”The synergies between the possibilities in plastics electronics and the production of semiconductors, displays and thin-layers can revolutionise the electronics industry in the years to come. The companies are now working on advancing production. SEMI supports these activities with collective tasks such as roadmaps, standardisation, conferences, public relations and numerous other activities.”Semiconductors can be found in nearly all areas of modern life. Without semiconductor technology, we would have no cellphones, no state-of-the-art cars (e-mobility), no efficient power generation via alternative energies and no industrial manufacturing. All intelligent and efficient systems in our daily life and industry are based on this technology.More than 40 additional conferences and congresses are scheduled on the agenda at the SEMICON Europa. Topics include the latest developments in semiconductor production right up to innovative lithography systems and production technologies.

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