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Intersil expands ‘HIP’ bridge driver portfolio

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The HIP2120, HIP2121, HIP2122 and HIP2123 products provide more flexibility to control the half-bridge MOSFETs and to reduce the component count of the application circuit. Additionally, the integrated delay timer allows designers to adjust the dead-time between the two outputs via an external resistor, eliminating the shoot-through current that can occur in half-bridge and synchronous buck topologies.The new drivers are designed for telecom isolated half-bridge DC/DC converters, non-isolated DC/DC converters, motor drivers, Class-D amplifiers and a variety of other applications.Pricing and AvailabilityThe HIP212x series is available now in compact 4x4mm 10-pin or 9-pin DFN packages, with prices starting at $1.67 each in 1,000-unit quantities.

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