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Underfill for next-generation flip chip devices

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Because the substrate and flip chip die have different coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) characteristics, thermal processing (secondary reflow) can lead to either upward (“smiling”) or downward (“crying”) package warpage which may ultimately result in poor reliability. “To lower stress and control warpage on today’s low profile packages is challenging at best,” comments Brian Toleno, Ph.D., Director of Global Product Management for Underfills and Encapsulants at Henkel. “Being able to ensure die flatness while also delivering exceptionally high reliability isn’t easy, but Locitite Eccobond UF 8840 delivers on this requirement.”Loctite Eccobond UF 8840 offers compatibility with a wide variety of flux systems, has minimum resin bleed out, delivers maximum process adaptability through compatibility with both traditional needle dispensing and non-contact dispensing and has a wide dispense process window for manufacturing flexibility. It has been formulated to flow consistently with no voids on flip chip die up to 15mmx15mm.Testing in an applications laboratory environment shows reduced warpage – less than 80µm on a 20mmx20mm flip chip die with a thickness of 730µm – and compatibility with a variety of die passivations.“When evaluated at customer sites, Loctite Eccobond UF 8840 delivered excellent device reliability and minimal warpage-induced stress even on 155µm thick flip chip die,” concludes Toleno. “Being able to provide such outstanding performance and high reliability on much thinner die for die sizes up to 15mmx15mm for flip chip chip scale packages is, indeed, good news for the semiconductor packaging industry.”

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