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Ramtron and ROHM sign manufacturing agreement

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U.S. semiconductor maker Ramtron International has entered into a Manufacturing and License Partnering Agreement with ROHM Co., Ltd. of Japan. Under the long-term agreement, ROHM will manufacture F-RAM-based semiconductor products for Ramtron on ROHM’s established F-RAM manufacturing line.Initial low-density F-RAM products have already been qualified for commercial production and Ramtron expects to receive and begin selling the first devices produced on ROHM’s manufacturing line within approximately 60 days. Further, Ramtron’s marketing and engineering teams have begun development of new Ramtron products to be produced on the line. In addition to its new manufacturing capability at ROHM, Ramtron has F-RAM manufacturing lines at Texas Instruments in Dallas, Texas, and at IBM in Burlington, Vermont.The Company’s new agreement with ROHM resulted from an existing relationship between Ramtron and ROHM that dates back to 1994 when the companies entered into a manufacturing license agreement for ROHM’s development and manufacturing of F-RAM products. Since that time, Ramtron and ROHM have explored opportunities to collaborate more closely and the Manufacturing and License Partnering Agreement begins the revitalization of the relationship between the companies.“ROHM’s advanced manufacturing line, which is production-ready to manufacture commercial F-RAM products, offers Ramtron attractive cost structures and unencumbered product development flexibility,” said Eric Balzer, Ramtron’s CEO. “From a strategic perspective, having ROHM as our partner will further strengthen our competitive position as we continue to expand the addressable market for our products and drive future growth. We look forward to working together with ROHM to capitalize on the significant untapped opportunities for F-RAM based solutions in the semiconductor market.”“We are eager to combine ROHM’s established production capabilities with Ramtron’s F-RAM brand leadership and product development and marketing expertise to expand the worldwide use of Ramtron’s products,” said Koji Yamamoto, ROHM’s ROHM’s General Manager of Advanced LSI Manufacturing. “We envision a long-term collaboration with Ramtron that will spread the adoption of F-RAM-based products as well as advance the technology to meet the increasing need for high-performance and high data integrity nonvolatile memory solutions in electronic systems.”

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