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CES-Creative selects Green Hills Softwares

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The boards feature Freescale QorIQ P4080 processors, providing enormous flexibility of high-speed serial connections including PCI Express, serial RapidIO and 10 Gigabit Ethernet.“Creative Electronic Systems chose INTEGRITY-11 to tap the full potential of the RIOV board family,” said Werner Pirkl, systems engineer at Creative Electronic Systems. “An SBC providing such flexible connectivity needs an operating system that allows the exploration of all possibilities without requiring extensive adaption effort. Using the Standard for Embedded Power Architecture Platform Requirements in combination with intense software partitioning enables our clients to quickly prototype and evaluate the interconnect of their choice. The conjunction of resource I/O protection, offloading engines and synchronous or asynchronous multiprocessing support helps to achieve maximum performance while keeping hard real-time constraints and guaranteeing separation at the hardware and software level.”“CES has been hosting Green Hills Software’s INTEGRITY operating system on its boards for over nine years,” commented Christopher Smith, vice president, marketing, Green Hills Software. “The long-term relationship between CES and Green Hills has resulted in a proven track record of integration within some of the most advanced aerospace and defense solutions throughout Europe and the US.”

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