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EpiGaN starts 8-inch GaN-on-Si development

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It will use the systems to commercialize 6-inch GaN-on-Silicon wafers for a range of power and RF electronics devices as well as to develop the next generation of 200 mm GaN-on-Silicon wafers.The reactors were installed and commissioned by Aixtron Europe’s service support team at the company’s purpose-built, state-of-the-art facility located in Research Campus Hasselt, Hasselt, Belgium.Dr. Marianne Germain, CEO of EpiGaN, comments: “EpiGaN is a spin-off of the world-renowned IMEC. After completing our funding round, we were ready to implement the strategic plan to establish our production capacity. After several years of efficient joint collaboration with Aixtron towards GaN-on-Si, it was evident that these CCS systems from Aixtron perfectly suit our needs. The EpiGaN team has worked with Aixtron CCS MOCVD systems at IMEC and we have jointly published numerous papers on GaN-on-Silicon development. There are challenges ahead for high voltage 200 mm GaN-on-Si, but we are confident that the combination of our enduring expertise and the leading edge equipment and process technology from our partner Aixtron will deliver all our objectives rapidly and efficiently.”Dr. Frank Wischmeyer, Vice President and Program Manager Power Electronics at Aixtron SE, adds: “We are very pleased to announce this new order from one of Europe’s newest and most promising start-ups. Aixtron is pleased to partner with EpiGaN as they advance equipment, processes and materials for larger area GaN-on-Silicon wafers.”

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