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PVA TePla acquires Munich Metrology

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PVA TePla AG takes over Munich Metrology GmbH as of July 6, 2012. The company, which originally emerged from GeMeTec mbH, develops and sells innovative analysis systems to trace surface impurities on wafers for the semiconductor industry worldwide. With the acquisition of Munich Metrology GmbH, which had a turnover in the low single-digit million Euro range for fiscal 2011, PVA TePla AG is systematically building on its technological expertise in wafer analysis (metrology) and strengthening existing metrology activities in the Semiconductor Systems division.“The declared objective of our strategy for the Semiconductor Systems division is to establish complementary technologies, thereby providing the semiconductor industry with a wider range of products and more innovative solutions”, explains Dr. Arno Knebelkamp, CEO of PVA TePla AG. Dr. Walter Böhme, Managing Director of Munich Metrology GmbH adds, “We are confident that we have found the ideal partner for Munich Metrology’s further development in PVA TePla AG”.

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