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Plessey launches PS25203 EPIC sensor for automotive

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“Regulations and economics are meaning that car designs are all becoming very similar so that manufacturers have to differentiate their products by the user features and comfort inside the car,” explained Derek Rye, Plessey Semiconductors’ Marketing Manager. “We are only just starting to explore the new and exciting ways that these innovative sensors can be used to enhance and improve safety.” EPIC sensors are already in commercial production by Plessey Semiconductors. By adjusting the DSP and amplification circuitry, the sensors can be tuned for detection at a distance as required for these automotive applications. Volume production pricing for the PS25203 is in the region of $1-2. The PS25203 is supplied in a custom 4-pin PCB hybrid package measuring 10.5mm x 10.5mm x 3.45mm.

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