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Micrel promotes Robert Wahl to Managing Director

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“Robert has done an excellent job of managing Micrel’s complex and dynamic supply chain disciplines,” noted Guy Gandenberger, vice president worldwide operations and Foundry business unit, Micrel. “As one of the few U.S. companies that own and operate a fab domestically, Micrel must execute globally while managing and delivering thousands of products, services, and support that continuously improve customer satisfaction and the Company’s profit and cost goals.”Mr. Wahl has more than 28 years of experience in supply chain and operations. Prior to coming to Micrel in 2010, he worked at Cortina Systems as its Senior Director of Operations. Before that, he worked at several semiconductor companies including, Cypress Semiconductor and Xilink, EXAR and NeoMagic where he held senior director positions in sales operations, supply chain management and operations.

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