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MarulaLED light engines incorporate LEDiL Lisa2 optics

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CoolTube technology allows the end user to safely position the luminaire to the most useable position, while eliminating bulky heat sinks and metal-clad PCBs.Beam control in MarulaLED’s Low Bay Module is optimized by balancing current flow to LEDs mated with LEDiL’s LISA2-M (medium) and LISA2-WW (very wide) secondary optics. MarulaLED’s LE32 module, on the other hand, promotes control of color temperature by the adjustment of power to half of the LEDs. The sixteen inner LEDs used in the LE32 module are a warmer color temperature than the remaining LEDs. This module uses 32 of LEDiL’s LISA2-M medium beam TIR lens.The LISA2 series of lenses, measuring less than 10mm in diameter and less than 7mm tall, achieves over 90% light transmission efficiency. The TIR lens is engineered to exacting tolerances and molded from high-quality acrylic (PMMA).Each lens is mounted in a molded polycarbonate (PC) housing designed for alignment to a specific LED. While the lens housing is rated for use at 115⁰C, the cool operation of the light engine means that the housing, which attaches to the PCB by means of locating pins or optional mounting clips, will maintain its physical integrity over the usable life of the luminaire.

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