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Vishay Foil Resistors appoints distributor for China

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C&B Eureka, under the supervision of General Manager Baoping Yang, has offices in Shenzhen, Xi’an, and Shanghai with sales exceeding $15 million. C&B Eureka has significant and growing market penetration in the military-aerospace, medical, telecom, transportation, and energy sectors of the electronics market in China.”VFR’s foil resistor products are known worldwide for providing the highest level of precision and stability in many forms and configurations of discrete resistors, networks, and trimming potentiometers,” said VFR Senior Director of Sales and Marketing Yuval Hernik. “As such, their applications are found in the most advanced equipment in the electronics industry. C&B Eureka’s market base mirrors the sophisticated markets in which these products have succeeded in the rest of the world. VFR is pleased to have this opportunity to work with C&B Eureka and anticipates a long and close relationship with mutual success for both companies. Additionally, VFR sees this arrangement as a solid plus for high-end electronics manufacturers in China because they will now have genuine Bulk Metal® Foil resistor products more immediately available for prototype development, as well as production, and with all the advantages and efficiency of in-country procurement.”

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