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LG Innotek adopts Fresco’s silicon tuner

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“As a long-term, strategic partner, Fresco continues to introduce market-leading products that are well-aligned with LG Innotek’s product roadmap to deliver superior performance at a lower system cost,” said Gil-sang Park, vice president, LG Innotek. “Across the industry, TV designs are integrating key functions in the SOC, enabling LGIT to optimize our products for our tier-one TV customers by using Fresco’s silicon tuners.””As the largest tuner module supplier globally, LG Innotek is at the forefront of tuner innovation by achieving new levels of optimized performance and cost,” said Lance Greggain, CEO, president and co-founder of Fresco Microchip. “LGIT’s selection of the FM5150 demonstrates our ability to continue to deliver value through innovation by introducing breakthrough products that continue to change the industry paradigm.”

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