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Cadence aims to encourage integration

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The presentation was part of a seminar organised by GateLine, a distributor of software and related services for electronic design in the Nordic market.“Enclosure is as important as the electronics,” Felton said, citing design first trends in the industry. Felton used the example of Apple designing the look and feel of products before electronics. The importance of manufacturing is also a growing trend in the industry, said Felton, and the company has joined the IPC 2581 consortium of OEMS, EMS and EDA companies in response. The consortium hopes to encourage the adoption of IPC 2581 as a standard in the industry, helping efficient data exchange between designers and manufacturers using a single XML-based data exchange format.2012 will see the company invest in interface design and its version 16.6 system in October this year. The system “designs at the engineer level” Felton told the audience. One new feature of the system is the use of Microsoft Sharepoint to enable design collaboration. Cadence’s OrCAD capture marketplace was also a step toward modernization in the EAD industry and has been a success so far Felton said. Since its introduction last year around 2000 apps have been downloaded. Beyond 2013, Felton told listeners that one key area of focus will be in Cloud collaboration. He also emphasized that, beyond next year, new Cadence systems will require 64 bit hardware support to keep up with growing demands and complexity in the industry.

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