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Kilopass with design win in Sicmicro’s Digital STB SoC

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Because the memory will contain encryption key storage, the failure of passive, semi-invasive, and invasive tampering methods to hack XPM NVM IP contributed to winning the design. The ability to securely reprogram the memory in the field to enable, change, or rescind encryption keys was also a factor.”We are developing our next generation of digital TV set-top box SoC system decoder chip that will provide complete two-way access systems for digital TV set-top boxes and cable television networks solutions,” said Jingning Zhang, vice president of marketing at SICMICRO. “This new high-definition interactive multi-standard system-on-chip design will support a variety of triple play services. It demands secure tamper-proof storage for intellectual property rights of high-definition, multi-standard video from a variety of content providers. The Kilopass XPM non-volatile memory IP block provided the right solution.””We are very pleased that SICMICRO chose our XPM IP for their set top box SoC,” said Linh Hong, vice president of marketing at Kilopass Technology Inc. “China is an emerging market for consumer electronics, especially digital TV. Kilopass has broad and deep experience in this market. Our NVM IP has shipped in over 20 million set-top boxes and in excess of 50 million DVD chip sets providing secure storage of valuable digital rights management information. With the win at SICMICRO, our IP now has a total available market of over a hundred million.”

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