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Kotura signs with Nissho Electronics

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Kotura’s photonics chips are based on the company’s micron scale manufacturing platform currently in mass production and deployed in live networks around the world since 2006. With three of the five largest telecommunication OEMs already using Kotura products in their 10, 40 and 100 Gb/s networks, the company is approaching a million channels per year currently in production.”Photonics integration in silicon provides small, low-power solutions for next generation networks,” said S. Gene Kawaratani, president and CEO of Nissho Electronics. “Kotura is a leading innovator in the silicon photonics movement. Combining their technology with our specialized global high-tech partnerships will bring real value to our customers.””Nissho Electronics has a large customer base in Japan and an excellent reputation in the high tech industry,” said Xavier Clairardin, vice president of product marketing and sales at Kotura. “We look forward to working closely with Nissho to expand our global customer base and our position in the Japanese market.”

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