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Hectronic and Mitsubishi in close cooperation

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Hectronic, a specialist in embedded PC development and manufacturing, has announced a closer cooperation with Mitsubishi by signing an agreement about an enlarged sales organization in the Nordic countries. Hectronic AB and ACAL BFi Nordic AB will, in a joint effort, offer industrial displays from Mitsubishi to Nordic customers.The cooperation between Hectronic and Mitsubishi begun in 2010 and has involved distribution of displays to customers in the Nordic countries. The displays from Mitsubishi have features and properties aimed at meeting requirements from industrial applications.“The trend is that more and more industrial products requires embedded systems including advanced display solutions” says Patrik Björklund, Director of Sales and Marketing at Hectronic. “This new agreement with Mitsubishi and the cooperation with ACAL BFi mean that we are able to present advantages in every area from logistics to system integration for the display solutions that our customers require to increase the competitiveness of their products.”

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