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PartMiner close down

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Update Evertiq has reached an employee at PartMiner’s corporate headquarters in Colorado, USA. The employee confirmed that the company has shutdown and that workers were informed of the decision on March 14, 11.00am – Colorado time. All customer orders placed up until the time of this announcement on March 14 would be honored by the company, the employee said The employee also said that PartMiner is “working with an outside company that is taking over the running of organisation”. We will keep you updated as we receive more information.Original postDistribution company PartMiner has stopped its global business operations, as of March 15, 2012, a source close to the matter said. Apparently, customers are also unaware of the situation.The source also indicated that this course of action could be expected, however maybe not so soon.The company has not yet officially announced any such plans. Furthermore the switchboard number in Centennial, Colorado plays a recording saying that the number is not in service.We will keep you updated as information is received.

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