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Fusion Trade reports year of record growth

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Despite significant supply chain disruptions over the last year, Fusion, the 3rd largest independent distributor of electronic components, registered substantial growth and expansion throughout its organization. Achieving record revenue of $275 million in 2011, the double-digit sales increase is attributed to new customers and infrastructure investments.Growth came across all product categories, most notably: memory, passive components, storage devices, and processors. Geographically, Fusion grew in all global markets with Europe registering the largest increase. To address its continuing growth, Fusion established a new warehouse/quality hub in Amsterdam, grew its global workforce by over 20 percent and increased its secured line of credit to $55 million.Fusion also invested in new anti-counterfeit equipment in its Hong Kong and U.S. Screening and Analysis Laboratories. Additionally, Fusion COO, Paul Romano was recently elected President of IDEA.“We continue to invest in resources that deliver value to our customers,” commented Peter Le Saffre, President and CEO of Fusion. “And, we are very gratified that our efforts are helping them achieve their goals for success.”

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