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Laird acquires Summit Data Communications

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“The acquisition of Summit allows us to develop further our wireless connectivity offering, adding products to our range that allow wireless systems to function efficiently in difficult radio frequency environments like factories and hospitals,” said Nigel Keen, Laird’s Executive Chairman.“Laird Technologies entered the M2M module business a few years ago and the addition of Summit allows us to further expand our business into new markets,” said Tom Cochran, President of Laird Technologies Wireless Systems Division. “Summit has developed a great track record in a short amount of time and when you add that to the world-class engineering and product development teams that we have in place, it makes for an exciting growth opportunity.”“Laird Technologies has a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation in wireless communications,” said Ron Seide, President of Summit Data Communications. “By joining Laird, Summit is now able execute faster on a broader roadmap to bring our proven capabilities to an expanded set of markets, technologies and geographies.”

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