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Laird acquires Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products

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Laird Technologies, Inc. acquired Microwave Materials Group (MMG), the holding company of Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products.“Electronic devices are always evolving into smaller, more powerful products so the shielding requirements continue to change,” said Michael Sutsko, President of Laird Technologies Performance Materials Division. “MMG broadens the range of products we can offer our existing customers as well as expands our customer base.”“Laird Technologies already has a strong position in the field of EMI solutions and the addition Emerson & Cuming’s engineering and technology expertise as well their established product brands, allows us to build on our existing EMI business,” said Naoto Mizuta, Vice President and General Manager of Laird Technologies’ EMI Solutions business unit.Peter Van Der Weyer, Chairman of MMG, commented, “Laird’s global presence and outstanding customer base will provide the ideal platform for Emerson & Cuming’s technology and product capability, which is increasingly required to deal with EMI issues as electronic devices grow more powerful and prolific” MMG will become part of Laird Technologies’ EMI Solutions Business.

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