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KSW Microtec with new name

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As part of branding measures, KSW Microtec AG (KSW) changed its company name to Smartrac Technology Dresden GmbH.KSW was acquired by Smartrac on December 14, 2011. The integration of KSW’s business into the Smartrac Group commenced shortly after the acquisition. The change of name of KSW to Smartrac Technology Dresden GmbH is a result of the Group’s strategy to unite its core business under the family brand Smartrac and is a sign of togetherness and commitment to the same values and principles.“We have established Combining the Best as guiding principle for the current integration processes”, said Dr. Christian Fischer, CEO of Smartrac. “This basic idea is not only expression of our mindset on how we want to realize the integration processes. It is also expression of the value we aim to generate for our joint customer base and business partners”.“We are very pleased that the integration process developed fast and smooth. The fact that we were able to complete the integration within two months only after the acquisition clearly shows that the teams and businesses ideally complement each other”, said Thomas Hitzer, CEO of former KSW, new Head of Business Unit Cards and Member of the Group Executive Team at Smartrac.“Despite the fact that we are a comparably young company, the Smartrac brand is already well-established on several continents”, said Tanja Moehler, Head of Corporate Communications & Marketing. “Smartrac stands for growth, leadership, a strong technology and IP portfolio, high quality, a passionate team with a unique spirit, and a strong focus on our customers’ needs. We will now focus on sharpening the brand perception in areas where there is room for improvement”.

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