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Renesas establishes Global Sourcing Management Division

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Renesas Electronics Corporation will establish the Global Sourcing Management Division as an organization under direct control of management on April 1, 2012 to further strengthen and promote efficiency of its global material procurement structure. At the same time, Renesas aims to boost the global material procurement structure by enhancing the existing procurement offices within the sales subsidiaries in Mainland China and Taiwan.Recently, with the expansion of outsourcing business from semiconductor companies, major foundries and assembly subcontractors in mainland China and Taiwan are ramping up their production capacities. In accordance with these changes, overseas materials and component suppliers are also increasing their production capacities, providing materials and components that are lower in price yet in now way inferior.Renesas has been responding to these changes in the procurement environment by establishing a second overseas procurement office in Shanghai, China on April 1, 2011, adding to one already established in Taiwan, a press release states.To strengthen these capabilities even further, Renesas is now establishing a Global Sourcing Management Division as a horizontal structure across the production, design, quality assurance, sales, materials procurement, and other divisions.

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