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Murata increase production

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The smartphone market is rapidly expanding, propelled by the surge in mobile Internet usage. It is necessary to reduce the space required for the fitting of electronic components in smartphones in order to ensure space for high-capacity batteries.”To enable us to respond to market demands for high-density layouts and small-outline components, Murata has developed a technology enabling high-density integration in an ultra-small package through the combination of component embedding technology and multilayer process technology (thin-layer LTCC substrates) . Mass production of a smartphone power module employing this technology commenced in October 2011, and the total number shipped has now exceeded 500,000″, a press release states.Murata intends to increase production from March 2012, in order to supply close-proximity wireless modules (Wi-Fi modules) and RF modules.Production is scheduled to be increased from March 2012 at Komatsu Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (3-5 million units/month).

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