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ZTE continues with Qualcomm and Broadcom

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ZTE plans to maintain its relationship with Qualcomm, a supplier of more than ten years, to provide device processor components as ZTE drives LTE adoption in 2012 and beyond. Qualcomm will continue to provide chipset solutions for ZTE wireless devices available in markets around the world.Additionally, Broadcom and ZTE are engaged through 2012. Broadcom will provide networking processor solutions for ZTE Bearer network, Ethernet and XDSL products, which will be used as ZTE expands its infrastructure presence worldwide. The newest investment with Broadcom reflects the continued efforts that ZTE is making to customize deployments for customers and ensure availability of reliable and cost-efficient solutions.ZTE has a history of supporting American companies and has invested more than $13 billion in U.S. companies and technologies through the purchase of products and licensing of intellectual property.

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