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Arrow and Micropelt sign distribution deal

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Arrow Electronics will offer Micropelt’s full range of thermoelectric energy-harvesting semiconductor devices and systems to its customer base throughout Europe. Based in Germany, Micropelt uses its patented scalable thin film microstructuring platform technology to produce thermoelectric devices for cooling, thermal cycling and energy-harvesting applications. The technology, which turns heat (temperature differences) into electrical energy, enables component size to be minimised while maintaining high-power density levels.A typical application is in autonomous wireless sensor networks and micro actuators where Micropelt’s thermogenerators can match or exceed the energy level supplied by battery packs without the lifecycle costs associated with battery replacement and maintenance. Guido Resch, Arrow vice president of semiconductor marketing in Europe, Middle East and Africa, said, “Micropelt is a shining example of European innovation within the fast-growing greentech sector, and perfectly complements Arrow’s existing offering for energy-harvesting applications in industrial and commercial locations.” Wladimir Punt, vice president, sales and marketing, Micropelt, said, “Working closely with Arrow’s extensive technical marketing and sales teams will open up many new opportunities for Micropelt’s portfolio. Our technology meets the needs of a host of emerging applications and, following the opening of our high-volume manufacturing facility in 2011, we are well prepared for sales growth.”

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