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Mosaid Technologies sells Optical Networking patents

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Mosaid acquired the portfolio of more than 200 optical networking patents and patent applications in early 2011 from Italy’s PGT-Photonics S.p.A., a spinoff of tire manufacturer Pirelli & C. S.p.A.”I’m pleased that we successfully executed on our value enhancement and monetization strategy for the PGT-Photonics IP portfolio,” said John Lindgren, President and CEO, Mosaid. “Our in-house patent prosecution group worked diligently to significantly improve the overall quality of the patents. We expended considerable resources to preserve the rich R&D heritage that this portfolio represents, thus successfully enhancing its worth. The buyer owns a valuable portfolio of optical IP that will support their business expansion strategy.”Added Lindgren: “Mosaid is focused on delivering a wide range of IP management services to those seeking to maximize the value of their IP portfolios. We have the experience, the capabilities and the financial strength to develop customized programs that meet the goals of IP owners.”

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