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Teseq acquires Milmega

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Johannes Schmid, President of Teseq, said, “When we began Teseq a mere five years ago, after a management buyout from leading developer and provider of instrumentation and test systems for EMC emission and immunity, Schaffner, our vision was to provide the best in testing solutions. Our acquisition of Milmega is a testament to that forward thinking strategy and builds upon the half-century of EMC experience with which we were founded.”Schmid continued, “RF amplifier power, linearity and harmonic performance is critical to achieving accurate immunity testing results. Adding Milmega’s high quality amplifiers to Teseq’s extensive range of EMC testing products extends our product offering to include both EMC and non-EMC applications, strengthening our position as the supplier of choice for innovative, high quality test instrumentation to an increasingly wide range of customers.” Established in 1987, Milmega expertly designs and manufactures high power amplifiers for commercial and government applications. The company’s core strength lies in the development of broadband RF power amplifiers operating in a frequency range from 80 MHz to 8 GHz with power levels to 1 kW. Pat Moore, Managing Director of Milmega Ltd., said, “Becoming part of the Teseq group allows us to offer the very best in global sales and support as well as EMC system expertise in software design and installation services, positioning us as a leader in the field. Our customers now have access to an extensive RF product range as well as engineering expertise that will facilitate the development of innovative system solutions to meet their needs today and in the future. Combining our individual strengths ensures our market focused approach to new developments and enables us to more accurately define new amplifier requirements for years to come.”The Milmega brand and all aspects of the company’s product range, including its industry unique five year warranty, will be retained. The Milmega factory will become a competence center for RF amplifiers within the Teseq organization, which is currently comprised of eight subsidiaries and seven accredited labs worldwide.The attached image shows (left to Right) Pat Moore (Managing Director Milmega), Dr Fritz Gantert (Director Teseq Holding), Jason Gould (South East Growth Fund), Peter Balsiger (Aventic Partners), Graeme Goodall (Financial Director Milmega), Johannes Schmid (Chairman & President Teseq Group)

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