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Movidius and Toshiba Electronics Europe collaborate

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Movidius has partnered with Toshiba Electronics Europe to develop a complete 3D system solution for the smartphone market. Movidius’ MA1178 has been combined with Toshiba’s 8 Megapixel EDOF (extended depth of field) cameras to enable 3D camera module manufacturers to deliver a compelling 3D imaging solution, ideally suited to top of the range smartphones. EDOF cameras offer distinct advantages over traditional autofocus in terms of 3D synchronisation. “Movidius’ Myriad 3D solution delivers multimedia features beyond what is offered by any other player in the mobile 3D market,” commented Shiro Ando, Vice President, Toshiba Electronics Europe. “Movidius’ leading 3D imaging capabilities complement the high functionality of Toshiba’s EDOF cameras, enabling mobile handset makers to meet consumer demand for a superior 3D mobile experience. Simultaneously, they simplify the manufacturing process by rectifying distortion.” “The team at Movidius is very excited to be partnering with Toshiba to develop this leading 3D solution,” commented Sean Mitchell, CEO of Movidius. “Customers seeking to differentiate their product in the highly competitive handset market will benefit from Movidius’ innovative and best quality 3D imaging solution as well as Toshiba’s worldwide leading position as EDOF camera supplier to the mobile phone market.

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