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Data Respons ASA : Q4 – Record high revenues

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– Data Respons continued the growth in the 4th quarter and set record high revenues with clear margin. A solid market position and good performance in the group’s core business areas explain the positive development, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO of Data Respons ASA.The group’s operating revenue for 2011 was NOK 849.9 million, a growth of 20 %. EBITDA was NOK 13.4 million and EBITA ended at NOK 8.1 million. The order intake during the period totalled NOK 883 million. The order backlog was NOK 639 million, a growth of 6 %.Record high revenuesThe Norwegian operation continued the strong performance in the 4th quarter and contributed, along with Sweden, to the record-breaking revenues for the group. A solid market position, a strong customer portfolio and a well-trimmed organisation are main contributors to the positive development.- Our Norwegian operations set the standard in terms of what we expect from the group’s international focus. We are especially concentrating on reaching the potential in the Swedish market, which is estimated to be five times the size of the Norwegian market, says Ragnvaldsen.Asia as a part of the value chain- Data Respons has extensive experience working in collaboration with the customer on development and innovation, in combination with a global partner network. Our presence in Asia (Taiwan and Shanghai) provides many exciting opportunities for our customers. We are the bridge to Asia for our customers, where our local operations ensure quality in the production of solutions, says Ragnvaldsen.Improved results expected in 2012- During 2011 the group has implemented several initiatives to increase efficiency and to further strengthen the organisation. A closer coordination of the logistic operations in the Nordic region, gradually transferring tasks to Asia and cost reductions across the board, are important improvement processes which we expect will provide improved results in 2012, Ragnvaldsen says.

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