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Toshibas Capricorn over 5 million

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The Capricorn family, comprising Capricorn-2, -M, -A and -F variants, has been widely adopted by automotive manufacturers in a broad variety of models. Toshiba estimates that Capricorn has captured more than 50% of the global market share for automotive primary instrument clusters incorporating TFT graphics, an application area that is forecast to grow significantly over the next 5 years.”We are proud of the positive reception Capricorn has received from automotive manufacturers,” said Peter Lieberwirth, General Manager, Automotive Segment at Toshiba Electronics Europe. “More than 5 million sales of Capricorn is an amazing achievement, and we continue to evolve this product family in order to provide vehicle manufacturers with an integrated system solution that meets their current and future market demands.” Capricorn, named for the zodiac sign shared by the two original inventors, is a family of RISC-based system-on-chip (SoC) processors for automotive displays that offers an extremely high level of system integration. Capricorn graphic processors provide solutions for driving and managing the colour TFT displays increasingly found in instrument clusters in medium to high-end vehicles.

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