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MIPS join forces with Renesas in SoC

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Renesas Electronics’ SoC Partner Program promotes collaboration with its partners based around the Renesas SoC platform targeting the mobile, automotive, and home audio-visual device segments. MIPS will work with Renesas Electronics as a partner with a focus on the digital home market.”We’re very pleased to welcome MIPS Technologies to our SoC Partner Program in support of our SoC products for the digital home,” said Tomohisa Arai, general manager of the Home Multimedia Business Division, SoC Business Unit, for Renesas Electronics Corporation.”MIPS is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that meet the complex requirements and exacting standards of our customers developing products for the digital home, mobile and networking markets,” said Gideon Intrater, vice president of marketing, MIPS Technologies. “Renesas Electronics is a long-time and important MIPS licensee, and we’re excited to be a part of this collaborative effort that can benefit Renesas Electronics, its customers, and ultimately consumers in many of MIPS’ key markets.”

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