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Mentor Graphics partners with Freescale

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The Vista product from Mentor allows Freescale customers to execute a variety of virtual prototyping platforms and efficiently port, debug and optimize operating systems and application software. The base SoC models are provided and validated by Freescale and integrated and packaged in Vista libraries.These Vista Virtual Prototype packages include the SoC HW model, optionally integrated with Linux, and can be expanded by the customer with a variety of standard and custom IPs and Physical I/Os. The platforms can also scale to include timing and power attributes to enable performance and power tradeoff analysis under realistic use cases and software execution.”As market requirements grow ever more demanding, our customers increasingly face faster, tighter design cycles,” said Raja Tabet, vice president, Software & Systems Networking and Multimedia Group at Freescale. “The Vista Virtual Prototyping solution is important for early delivery of our technology to key customers. We see Mentor, with its virtual platform solution and embedded software technology, as a key contributor to our broad ecosystem of world class enablement solutions for our QorIQ families of processors.””This preferred partnership with Freescale is strategic to our company-wide ESL strategy,” said Guy Moshe, general manager, Design Creation Business Unit at Mentor Graphics. “QorIQ processors are built upon the most advanced architecture and technologies, and are ideal for leveraging and deploying a Virtual Prototyping methodology. We are working closely with many leading-edge system companies, and we believe our partnership with Freescale helps to efficiently drive and deploy our technologies to the benefit of our mutual customers.”

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