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Aventyn uses Plessey ECG sensor

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Aventyn will use Plessey’s EPIC sensor integrated in a mobile platform to capture non-intrusive ECG measurements personalized to individual heart failure patients. The measured ECG data is displayed on the patient smartphone device and integrated with Vitalbeat™, a software application for remote monitoring and chronic disease management of patients diagnosed with heart failure and related comorbidities. “Plessey has an innovative solution with the EPIC sensor designed to non-intrusively capture patient vital signs and activity levels integrated with Vitalbeat mobile health solutions. Emergency responders, cardiologists and general practitioners will have an easy to use ECG remote monitoring tool for heart failure patients at their convenience of location,” said Navin Govind, Aventyn’s founder and CEO. “Vitalbeat’s use of the EPIC sensor in ongoing and future clinical studies will enable patients and cardiologists to assess new ways of using diverse mobile devices and technology to share critical health information, resulting in more efficient and lower healthcare costs globally.” “Plessey is delighted that Aventyn has chosen to use Plessey’s EPIC sensor in their smartphone ECG application,” said Dr Paul James, EPIC Program Director at Plessey Semiconductors. “We value Aventyn’s expertise in the area of mobile health and look forward to continuing to work with them.”

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