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AXIS leverage MIPS multi-threaded technology

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Axis Communications leveraged the multi-threaded MIPS32 34Kc processor cores for a new line of network video cameras. The new AXIS Q1602/-E indoor/outdoor cameras with Axis’ Lightfinder technology are designed for video surveillance in low-light conditions.”Our new AXIS Q1602 network cameras represent a revolutionary development in video surveillance. With ultra-sensitivity to low light, the cameras can effectively ‘see’ in the dark. We were able to accomplish this innovation through our chip development expertise, image processing knowledge base and choice of integrated technologies including MIPS processors. MIPS’ multi-threading technology provides superb performance efficiency for this new generation of cameras,” said Erik Frännlid, director of product management, Axis Communications.According to a recent report from IMS Research, the world market for video surveillance equipment continued to achieve strong growth in 2010, in excess of 10% over the previous year. According to the firm, this growth was predominantly driven by sales of network video surveillance equipment, which continues to be bolstered by government stimulus-funded projects and the increasing penetration of higher-value network video surveillance products. The indoor AXIS Q1602 and the outdoor-ready AXIS Q1602-E can deliver multiple, individually configurable H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously. The cameras’ other features include day and night functionality, varifocal lens, remote back focus and support for two-way audio. The outdoor-ready camera is also designed to operate in extreme low temperatures and has protection against dust, rain, snow and sunlight.”We are pleased that Axis chose to leverage MIPS processors in these innovative network cameras that can enhance security in low-light environments. Companies select MIPS’ multi-threading technology for applications across a wide range of markets because of the performance efficiency and cost savings it can provide,” said Gideon Intrater, vice president of marketing, MIPS Technologies.The new AXIS Q1602/-E indoor/outdoor cameras are available now.

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