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Renesas partners with Imagination Technologies

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Imagination and Renesas Electronics signed a multiuse license agreement for IP from Imagination’s PowerVR Series6 ‘Rogue’ graphics family. The PowerVR Series6 GPU family, codenamed ‘Rogue’, enables GFLOPS performance per mm2 and per mW for all APIs.Under the terms of its licensing arrangements Imagination receives license fees and royalty revenues on shipment of chips incorporating Imagination’s IP.Renesas Mobile will initially deploy Imagination’s technologies in its cellular platforms for high-performance smartphones, tablets, and in-car infotainment, but the technology will also be used by Renesas Electronics in its SoC lineups for other consumer markets.”Needless to say that advanced graphics performance is a key factor in giving users a strong visual impression through intuitive User Interfaces, which are becoming increasingly important for smartphone and future IT system in cars,” said Toshihiro Hattori, Vice President of SoC Business Division, Renesas Mobile Corporation. “Imagination Technologies is a long-standing IP partner of Renesas Mobile and Renesas Electronics for advanced graphics used in SoC products. The new PowerVR Series6 will enable us to provide attractive solutions for many markets and users.””We are delighted to continue our strategic partnership with Renesas with this multiuse agreement for PowerVR Series6. Renesas is a long-standing partner of Imagination in graphics, and has consistently delivered outstanding SoCs with advanced and compelling PowerVR-based graphics capabilities,” said Tony King-Smith, VP marketing, Imagination Technologies. “This latest expansion of our partnership will help both companies to further drive and exploit the latest graphics trends.”

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