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Microchip’s Thailand factories operating normally

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“Our highest priority remains the safety of our 3’000+ Thailand employees and their families,” said Ganesh Moorthy, Microchip’s COO. “While a majority of our employees live outside the areas expected to flood, we already have more than 200 employees who are affected. That number will unfortunately go up in the coming days, and we are doing everything we can to help our employees who are affected or at risk of being affected.”The primary international airport in Bangkok remains open, and Microchip’s shipping and receiving is operating normally. While there have been reports of a Bangkok airport that is flooded, that is the old airport in the north of the city, which Microchip doesn’t use. Instead, Microchip uses Thailand’s primary international airport, known as Suvarnabhumi Airport, which is located east of Bangkok.While Microchip’s subcontractor supply chain in Thailand has been impacted, the company has already implemented alternative solutions to nearly all of these suppliers.”The contingency plans that Microchip developed over the years have been put to good use, and the fact that we are continuing to operate as normally as one can under the circumstances is no accident,” Moorthy continued. “Rather, it is a testament to the preparation, thoughtfulness and hard work of our team in Thailand.”

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